Precision Wellness Defined
  • Health and wellness are more than the absence of disease.
  • We define health as the natural state of being that is either imbalanced or optimized based on numerous factors such as sleep, nutrition, immune function, cognition, activity, genetics, and environment.
  • When health factors are imbalanced we are more susceptible to sickness and disruptions of the system.
  • However, even in the presence of disease, health exists as an independent state that can be optimized.
  • Wellness is the optimization of health.
  • Precision Wellness is the mission and belief that each person’s unique state of health can be quantified and optimized, with the goal of proactively predicting and preventing disease while increasing overall quality of life.

The Center
The Harris Center for Precision Wellness, located within the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare and the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, embodies the mission to scientifically quantify health and wellness. Advances in machine learning, genomics, and health monitoring technologies offer a data-rich landscape by which we are building the map to identify an individual’s coordinates on the spectrum of health. Working together: patient, physician, and researcher, pioneers a new healthcare model that through Precision Wellness has the ability to truly be predictive of anomaly, preventative of disfunction, and aimed at health optimization for each individual.

Precision Wellness Services
The Harris Center leverages technology, genomics research, and data science to provide a range of Precision Wellness services, including:

  • Personalized preventative health-care programs and disease prevention and management programs
  • Genetic testing for diagnostic and treatment purposes
  • Genetic testing for scientific research purposes
  • Personalized health resources based on genetic information and diagnostics

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Lab100: Precision Wellness in Practice
  • Lab100 at Mount Sinai is a hybrid clinic and research lab that leverages data and technology to redesign the way health is measured and care is delivered.
  • As a research center, Lab100 equips scientists with longitudinal multi-scale health data and a testbed environment to develop, validate, and deploy new healthcare technologies and services.
  • By closing the feedback loop between discovery science and care delivery, Lab100 radically accelerates the pace at which promising ideas become clinical practice and patients benefit from groundbreaking innovations.
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Joel Dudley, PhD - Director

Joel Dudley is the Executive Vice President for Precision Health for the Mount Sinai Health System, Associate Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and founding Director of the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare and the Harris Center for Precision Wellness in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Harris Center for Precision Wellness

  • Founded in 2015, The Harris Center for Precision Wellness has been the world leader in precision health and wellness research. To apply the precision wellness model to the healthcare landscape, the center has focused research efforts on the key activity centers in:
  • Digital Health
    • Utilizing emerging commercial technologies in wearable devices, remote sensors, and mobile applications, The Harris Center has built a fully integrated research platform of passive and continuous health data to inform wellness-related diagnostics, action plans, and interventions.
    • Molecular Profiling: using the latest sequencing technologies to incorporate broad DNA, microbiome, and immune system profiles, and other potent biomarkers into predictive models of health and wellness.
    • Data Science: applying state-of-the-science analytics and machine-learning application to the unique data sets collected through our clinical research programs, delivering useful, data-driven insights and intelligence to individuals in a highly personalized and context-specific manner.
    • Clinical Practice: partnering with Lab100, precision wellness is put into clinical practice by empowering patients to track their health over time providing the most comprehensive health risk assessment and biometric screening currently available.
  • The Harris Center’s interdisciplinary view is grounded in the belief that patient engagement and behavior change are central to the mission of health optimization and precision wellness.

The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare

  • The Harris Center is located in the heart and foundation of the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare (INGH). Positioned at the nexus of rapid advances in diagnostics technologies, digital health tools, and artificial intelligence, INGH aims to better use technology to empower patients, improve care, support physicians, and move away from the traditional model of health care as “sick care.”
  • INGH objective is to intervene upstream from disease, developing predictive, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies that move us from reactive to proactive medicine.
  • INGH comprises five centers that cross-pollinate, collaborate, interact, and intersect – Lab100, Health Data Design and Innovation Center (HD2i), The Harris Center for Precision Wellness, The Resilience Reactor, and the Center for Systems Medicine. INGH’s work relies on a feedback loop to the patient, driving a cyclical process of learning, creating, and implementing new ideas. By breaking down barriers between consumer side innovation and traditional healthcare and biotech research and development, all of INGH hopes to dramatically reduce the length of time it takes for new biomedical innovations to reach patients.
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